Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Types & Treatments

Breast cancer is the most common type of caner in women, in which the cancerous cells are developed in breast’s tissues. The cancerous cells grow continuously and turn into a lump which is known as Tumor.


Types of Breast Cancer

Each breast has 15-20 lobes, which are further connected with many smaller lobules. Each lobules is linked with thin tubes known as ducts. Mainly there are three types of breast cancer such as -


  • Ductal Cancer- Ductal cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects the ducts of the breast.
  • Lobular carcinoma- Cancer that develops in the lobes or lobules is known as Lobular carcinoma. This genre of cancer affects both breasts which are unlikely in other types of breast cancer.
  • Inflammatory cancer- Swelling in the breast is the rare type of breast cancer and its known as Inflammatory cancer. The common symptoms of the disease are sin temperature, redness and swelling. Inflammatory cancer spreads very quickly.



The chances of recovery of breast cancer patients depends on many factors and some of them are given below-


  • Stage of cancer
  • Type of breast cancer
  • Nature and characteristic of the cancerous cells
  • Age & weight
  • Menopausal status
  • Overall health

Irrespective to the type of breast cancer, early treatment of breast cancer may include Lumpectomy in which only affected cells are removed but not the entire breast. The treatment is followed by radiation therapy.



Breast Conserving Surgery


The face of surgical treatment of breast cancer has changed drastically in past few years. The most preferred method to treat a woman with early breast cancer stage is conservative surgical therapy.


Breast conserving surgery is an advanced technique to protect the breast from the affected issues. The surgery is a less radical cancer surgery as compared to old mastectomy technique.


Under the breast conserving surgery, the affected part of breast tissue is removed during the surgery rather than removing the entire breast. Every conservative surgical therapy is followed by breast irradiation to stint the recurrence of the disease and ensure an absolute healthy body.


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